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Veterinary Clinic Fremantle

We like animals, as we're sure you do!

Central Fremantle Vet is a veterinary clinic that has been servicing Fremantle and its surrounds for over 30 years. Central Fremantle Vet strives to provide a personalised and thoughtful service to its customers, with a focus to finding the right balance between cutting edge technology and the simpler needs of the family pet.

We believe that having pets should be fun, but when things go awry you need practical and sensible solutions to get your best friend back on track. The staff at Central Fremantle Vet listen to your concerns, and will make every effort to ensure that the treatment plan you choose for your fur family meets your budget and ethical needs.

Patients come to our veterinary clinic from the following locations: South Fremantle, East Fremantle, North Fremantle, White Gum Valley, Beaconsfield, Hamilton Hill, North Coogee. 

About Vet Co-Op

Vet co-op is a collaboration of eight vet clinics in Perth’s southern suburbs. We consider ourselves one big, furry family, and our aim is to provide the very best of care to every client and pet that comes to us for help.

More Life...

The clinics in Vetco-op all believe that we are here to deliver more life to you and your pet. Remember when you brought your treasured pet home; you imagined cuddling up on cold nights, long walks on brisk mornings, a trip to the beach, and playful romp in the park; a companion that loves you unconditionally.

Those are the things we want to help you to have, by keeping your pet healthier, happier, and younger. We are here to help you to find the best way to enjoy having a pet, through giving you the tools you need to prevent disease, through providing realistic and pragmatic advice and through advanced vet work, which will get them back on their feet faster. We believe that we can enhance your pet’s life, and we believe that we can help you get the most out of pet ownership, which means more of the good life for you!

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