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Sick or Injured Pet?

Injured or sick cat or dog

A healthy pet is content, alert and active, has an appetite and maintains a healthy weight for his type and breed.

Since cats and dogs can’t complain when they’re not feeling well, you’ll have to watch for changes in their behaviour and routines. Cats, especially, may “hide” symptoms until they are seriously ill.

While no diagnosis can ever be made without seeing your pet, there are certain signs to look out for and recognize that your pet requires medical attention, but most importantly trust your instinct.

Common Signs that you pet needs vet care

   -  Not eating for 24 hours or more for adults, or 6 hours or more for puppies/kittens.
   -  Any vomiting that contains blood, happens more than 4 times/hour, or occurs in episodes lasting for 24 hours or more.
   -  Continued bouts of diarrhoea lasting for 24 hours or more or any diarrhoea containing blood.
   -  Sneezing more than 10 times/hour or any sneezing lasting 24 hours or more.
   -  Coughing more than 10 times/hour or any coughing lasting 24 hours or more.
   -  Difficulty breathing, especially with a blue or pale tint to the gums.
   -  Lethargic, not moving, or unresponsive.
   -  Any lameness (favoring limbs or paws) that lasts for more than 2 hours.
   -  Any sign of eye irritation or discomfort lasting longer than 15 minutes . Any eye injuries must be addressed immediately.
   -  Signs of excessive scratching, licking, or chewing of fur, hair loss, scabs, or irritated skin.
   -  Shaking head or scratching at ears lasting 1 hour or more, or frequent ear scratching or head shaking over 24 hours or more.
   -  Difficulty urinating or defecating.

If you feel something is not right - always trust your instincts!  When it comes to your pet's health, safe is always better than sorry.